Update, 9/22- Finally, a new dollmaker! Click here to go to my new Dragon Quest Dollmaker. This one is based on the new Dragon Quest IX game for the Nintendo DS. I'm a big fan of the series, and thought a dollmaker in this style would be interesting, like with my Harvest Moon Dollmaker. And, like that dollmaker, I of course do not own any of these images. I originally wanted to put on EVERYTHING, but just too much-- so, I made it a female dollmaker, and stuck with props I liked. Only one face, which I edited some, and fewer skin tones and hairstyles, but lots of palette swaps on the hair and clothes. As a disclaimer, still testing everything-- some props may not fit right, especially some of the hair props on some hairstyles-- and may add more to this later.

Welcome to Paka's Palace! This is my new domain-- the old one, "NFL Dollmakers" on Jazzopolis.com, and whatever was hosted there, is no longer up. This is a cartoon doll and dollmaker site that started off with my interest in the many dollmakers out there and subsequent creation of dollmakers with an NFL theme, since I am a huge football fan who loves the Bucs. I expanded from there, adding other dollmakers in themes that I was interested in or that I thought would make for unique dollmakers, with a concentration on sports themes. Many of the props here are edits of your usual Palace props, with a lot of editing going into some; but others I put together, sometimes from photos, and sometimes drawn. This site is rather no-frills, not many bells and whistles, so my apologies-- my skills aren't too great in this area. Just wanted to try my hand at making a site with dollmakers, that others might enjoy too. Occasionally I will add unrelated stuff to this site as well, such as my Gem Mining page (I'm a rockhound and this page is devoted to gem mining in the Franklin, N.C. area). I also plan to add at some point a page with general scholarship tips and information that some may find helpful, as I work for Auburn's scholarship office.

To use the drag 'n drop dollmakers, just drag and drop the pieces where you want them in the space provided, and with the double-clicks, double-click the props to move them to the creation space first. Be aware that the dollmakers work in IE but may not work in other browsers; though, the ones using the script from dollmakerscript.com will work in Mozilla. To save what you created, hit the "Print Scrn" button (above Insert and next to F12) then paste into a paint program and edit to your liking. Dollmakers using dollmakerscript.com's one-click script will have an option for automatic saving. The basic Paint program that comes with Windows is great for working with these. Detailed instructions on saving here. If you are looking for more detailed or advanced tutorials, check out Blossom.nu, Xandorra's Palace, and Veriria's Palace, they have some great ones! The double-click dollmakers have their own instructions on them. Use your doll creations on webpages, as signatures or avatars on message boards, create your own doll icons for chats, and so forth. If you are looking for a free place to store your dolls online that allows direct linking, Photobucket is a good one. Looking for a good free graphics program? Check out Gimp, probably the best free drawing program available.

A BIG thank you to "Jazz" for the webspace, and the help with the script!! Because of Jazz's donation, I have been able to put together an ad and pop-up free site (There is a chance there may be a pop-up after saving using the one-click option on the dollmakerscript.com code's dollmakers here, but I did not put those there); though I do link exchanges and post my friends' commercial links, none of the links I post I am paid for and I make no money from this site.

If you have any questions about anything-- how to create, capture, edit, or save (with or without a transparent background) the dolls-- please feel free to e-mail me! If there is a certain type of piece or jersey # you would like to see on here too, send in your request! Though I can't guarantee immediate replies to questions and requests, I do appreciate all feedback and will do my best to respond as fast as possible.

If you'd like to exchange links, feel free to e-mail your link or banner to me. Or, if there is an NFL related site you enjoy, send in the link so I can add it to my football links section.

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