My Lady NFL Fan Double-Click Dollmaker

Update- I turned this into a one-click dollmaker, so that it is easier to save your dolls, and so that it works in Mozilla as well as IE. The advantages here are that you can save your doll on the maker with one click, more background colors, and other options. You can double-click the props here too, to move them up to the creation area and reuse props, or just drag them up if you want. If you notice an ad after saving using the one-click option, know that it is from the creator of the script, and not this site (I haven't noticed any, but there is a possibility the creator might add them).

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I have added a group of palettes at the bottom as a prop, to add in to your screenshot for use when it is pasted into your paint program. BTW, I know this dollmaker has a lot of props, and they might not all load for you. If so, right click on the props that "red X" and select "Show Picture."

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